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Hi! We're the Meringas!

“Built on Excellence” is more than just a catchy motto...

Meringa's father was a builder and remodeler for over 50 years, and Bob attributes much of his success from those early years working with his dad. "My dad had a hammer in my hand at the age of two," Meringa laughed. "He taught me that any job worth doing must be done right! Dad really paid attention to details and truly cared about his customers. I saw first hand how many of his customers not only became life-long customers, but also good friends. Those are the types of qualities I aim to pass on to my own children.”

In May of 1996 Bob obtained a Building Construction Management degree from Michigan State University and went to work in the service department for the nations largest builder, Pulte Homes. Quickly he moved into the role of construction manager, and a few years later, took over the role of Project Manager, overseeing the Grand Rapids Division’s team of home building.

In 2003 Meringa transitioned from Pulte Homes to begin building homes on his own and in 2005 obtained his realtor brokers license to complete his real estate arsenal. Whether its building a new home, tackling a home renovation, or helping clients purchase or sell their existing home, the same passion holds true, “to delight each customer by delivering an experience they would want to do again.”

Community Involvement



Informal Meeting

Before we begin the design process we arrange an informal meeting with each customer. We want to make sure our customers are completely confident doing business with us as well as us with them. We view building a custom home as a partnership with each person acting as a valuable team member. We limit the number of homes we build each year in order to focus on giving each client our best!


Design Stage

During the design stage you will work with one of the area's finest designers to transfer your ideas onto paper. We start with the end in mind as we discuss budget, material finishes and timeframe expectations. We secure a deposit for the design work and building specifications.


Bid Stage

Once your home plan is completed it goes out for bidding. We will already have given you an estimated cost of construction. We work with some of the area's finest tradesmen and suppliers ensuring a high degree of quality while maintaining competitive prices. Once the bids are received we give you a detailed set of specifications outlining the materials and allowances that will make up your New Home Construction Agreement.


Purchase Agreement

Before construction begins a New Home Construction Agreement is signed along with detailed building specifications, indicating all materials and allowances included.


Pre-Construction Meeting

During this meeting we answer any questions you may have and give each customer our commitment to building them a quality home. We also introduce our Design Team who will assist in all of your interior & exterior color and material selections as well as custom detailing. Our goal at RKM is to make the building process not only “stress free” but FUN!


Foundation Stage

The home is drawn on a plot plan by our engineer and the lot is staked by the survey crew. All permits are obtained from the local municipalities and the ground is prepped for excavation. After excavation, the concrete footings are poured along with the walls. Next the foundation is water-proofed, pea stone and drain tile are installed and the foundation is inspected by the building officials. Once the walls have properly cured the foundation is ready to backfill.


Frame & Rough-In Stage

The lumber is delivered and the framing begins. First the "bottom plates" are laid out for each wall and the walls are assembled and erected. Next the 2nd floor system (if applicable) is installed complete with floor sheathing. The roof truss' are then set with a crane and the roof is sheeted. The mechanical "rough-ins" are installed which includes the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and home entertainment if applicable. Windows are installed, Tyvek house wrap is in place and our energy efficient audit takes place. When all the mechanical contractors are finished we conduct a quality inspection and building officials approve the rough-in. Next insulation is installed and the home is ready for drywall.


Electrical & Pre-Drywall Meeting

We arrange for a meeting at the home with you and the electrician to review your lighting features, electrical plugs, switches, phone and cable locations. The structural integrity, mechanical elements, and craftsmanship of your home is also looked at and options reviewed prior to drywall.


Final Stage

The installation of drywall and textured ceilings are completed and then the interior finishing takes place. Trim work is installed along with the cabinets and doors. During the trim stage we meet with our clients to go over any custom trim details for the home. The home is painted followed by counter tops, flooring, plumbing fixtures, HVAC and lighting is installed. The home is cleaned, carpet installed and another Quality Inspection conducted by RKM Homes. The final building inspections are obtained and a Certificate of Occupancy is obtained from the township.



After your home is finished, we welcome you to your new home. We like to go over all features, including your home warranty, and answer any questions you may have before you move in. We are confident you will enjoy the place you now call home!

Industry Awards

Best Interior Design

2004 | 2007

Best Exterior Design

2004 | 2005 | 2007

Best Kitchen Design

2005 | 2007

Best Owners Suite

2005 | 2006 | 2007

Best Landscaping


Standard of Excellence

2005 | 2007

HAP Award


West Michigan Builder Sales Person of the Year Award

2007 | 2008

Parade of Homes People's Choice Awards

2004 | Present

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